Breeding is the very essence of wajas. You could create a bloodline of pure white wajas, or a clan of carrot wajas!  But you have to know the basics before you do anything.

Studding and Breeding

Each of the different genders in wajas play a different role.  For example, male wajas can 'stud' or make female wajas pregnant.  They can be put up to breed at a certain price, depending on their value.

Female wajas can 'breed', or become pregnant.  They are pregnant for five days, giving birth a litter of pups that can range from 1 to 6.  If you want to speed up the birthing process, you can feed your female waja an instant birth pear.  You can put your female wajas up to breed at a certain price, depending on their value.


Age can be a small barrier in breeding.  The two wajas you want to breed together must be at least 20 days old, or else it won't work.  If you want to speed up the aging process, you can purchase an age pear for 250,000-300,000 waja credits.


The value of generation differs from player to player.  Some players value low generation wajas (2, 3)  while some players are focused on breeding supergen wajas (180+).  some players don't care at all!  When you breed your female waja, the delivered pups will be one generation higher than the parent with the highest generation.  For example, if you bred a generation 2 waja with a generation 7 waja, then the pup will be generation 8.  

And then there is the matter of customs.  Custom, or customized wajas are created using tokens, and are generation 1, meaning they have no parents.  They are valued at about 30 to 60 million waja credits, if they are to be sold.  Most players keep their customs, because they have donated real money to create them.


Lineage is a major component in the breeding process.  The two wajas to be bred cannot be from the same parent, or else their pups will become inbred.  That also means that a waja can't breed with its parent, it's cousin, etc.  Inbreeding does not physically affect your waja, but it increases your IN percentage.  Inbred wajas are not valued by waja players, and it takes a lot of time (and ice pears) to return the IN percentage to 0.