Wajas sports a variety of breeds for the players to choose from.  The breeds can be mixed, matched, and scrambled!  Some breeds can only be obtained through special items, while other can be created using tokens.


African wajas resemble an African Wild Dog.  They are the only breed of waja that is shown sitting down, so their markings are rather hard to see.


Bane wajas represent evil and distress, the opposite of the Divine waja.  They look fearsome and daaangerous.


Corsie wajas were made to resemble the corgie breed of dog.  They have cute, cropped ears and a stubby legs.


Divine are the rarest and considered the most beautiful breed of waja. Unlike other wajas, the Divine waja has wings and horns.


Earth wajas slightly resemble a horse.  They have relatively small heads and large hooves instead of paws. 


Egyptian wajas were made to resemble egyptian dogs.  They have a slender, elongated build and a tasseled tail.  


Fire wajas were named for the fire spurting from their paws.  Their mutations are all shown as though they were flames themselves.


Normal wajas were the first breed created on wajas.  They are the most common breed in the game.


Plushie wajas were created to resemble a plush version of a normal waja. They have black button eyes and stitches holding them together.


Tempest wajas were created to represent the wind element.  Better hang on to them, or they may just blow away!


Water wajas were created to represent the water element.  Instead of back feet, they have a large fin.


Breedless wajas are the result when their parent's breeds mix.  They show up as blank spots, but they have markings and mutations.